How is Science2Health different?

Science2Health’s Weight Loss support is a world leading service, underpinned by a strong philosophy and commitment to provide clients with a truly personalised, bespoke and supported journey to success.

The world of weight loss and body composition is overwhelmed with myths, competing products, programs and books that often make bold claims such as ‘the next best thing’ or ‘everything you’ve heard before was wrong’ and this cycle does not appear to show signs of ending anytime soon! In addition, the regularly touted words ‘you simply need to eat less and move more’ offer literally no insight or practical advice to help individuals make beneficial changes to their health.

Learning new skills is the key

At Science2Health, we understand that most diets do actually ‘work' (for the short-term at least), there is no magic here, most diets mutually adhere to creating a calorie deficit that induces the loss of body fat. Some of these achieve this quicker or slower than others through various methods of achieving the same aim of lowering body fat. However, the most successful diet is one that somebody can stick to whilst maintaining good health, new learning, behaviour change and the formation of new habits.

Here’s where most fat loss diets and strategies can fall short of this requirement
  • Most ‘diets' are simply not for the long term

    What are you expected to do after the '8 week transformation period’ ends?

    Do you receive personalised regular 1:1 support and coaching alongside the plan?

    Accountability, support and advice is essential and should never be overlooked!

  • Eat ‘little’ and ‘often’ to keep your metabolism raised. This is simply not true!

    You should be able to eat at a frequency that suits your preference, not ‘8 meals per day’ ‘just because!'

    The process should be enjoyable and not a continuous struggle.

    You achieve no additional benefit by creating more ‘suffering' than is really necessary!

  • Most strategies simply just give instruction alone.

    They don’t educate you to learn new skills ie. Do you know how much you’re eating and the type of foods required to support your goals? This is vital knowledge that will support you for the long haul.

    What if there’s a family meal or party you wish to attend?

    Perhaps you wish to eat something different to the foods stated on the plan? Does this mean your ‘diet’ is now ruined? Absolutely not!

Our approach

At Science2Health, quick fixes and cookie cutter approaches are quite simply just not what we do. We structure our support differently, to help you achieve results for life. We create your very own strategy and passionately support you to achieve life changing results through developing excellent coach-client relationships, providing world class evidence based education and delivering outstanding 1:1 support, ultimately creating the optimal foundation for behaviour change and life-long success.

We continue to help so many people achieve amazing results. Their reasons we hope, would not be to simply just look great for a before and after picture. Our aim is to support you to change your life through sustainable changes to your health, developing new skills, increased confidence, self esteem and to empower you to achieve success in all areas of life as a result.

This can only truly be achieved with a genuinely personalised service. We create a strategy that works around you and not one that you have to work around! You shouldn’t be made to feel that you’re ‘living on a diet’.

What our clients say

Sam is always on hand to provide support, keep me on track with our online check-ins and provides really effective advice that gets results whilst working around my busy schedule

Dorothy Bougen

What our clients say

Sam has been an invaluable support, helping me lose over a stone in 8 weeks so far. The whole experience is motivating and helps me to develop my own nutritional awareness, learning and understanding.

Chris Atherton

What our clients say

We both contacted Sam for support in improving our body composition and to make better food choices. We both now don’t have to go hungry whilst still losing weight! We’ve honestly never felt better

Bob & Karen Wilkinson

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