Our workshops

If there’s one thing that we love here at Science2Health, it’s creating outstanding learning experiences that are great fun, highly interactive and profoundly engaging. The more involvement people have with our inspirational workshops and seminars, the more value and learning our audiences take from them! 

We pride ourselves on creating thought provoking discussions, busting lifelong myths and setting practical tasks that truly relate to daily life, where staff members can benefit from acquiring new skills and critical thinking. These experiences provide so much value, that our seminars and workshops achieve so much more than just simply  delivering basic national guidelines!

Our popular seminar topics

We tailor our workshops and seminars to our clients’ requirements, depending on the type of industry their staff work in as well as their working patterns and daily commitments. This allows us to deliver bespoke advice that makes a real practical difference. Alternatively, we sometimes also recommend many of our popular seminar topics to clients.

Inspiring topics we have delivered to staff from companies and organisations worldwide
  • Does ‘the best diet’ really exist?

    Offering new learning, myth busting and lots of brilliant practical takeaway tips!

    Peak performance at the workplace

    Unleash the power of nutrition & exercise!

  • Weight loss workshop

    The truth, the myths and successful practice!

    Healthy lifestyle for the family!

    New learning and practical take home tips to help maintain a healthy family.

  • Myth busting in Nutrition & Exercise

    Prepare for surprise, leave with new tools in your toolbox!

    What does the ‘healthy’ lunchbox really look like?

    When generic advice to eat a ‘balanced meal’ doesn’t quite cut it!

Your experience with us

We’re truly proud of the amazing interactive and motivating environments we create with our audience. We strive to support them to learn new skills that transfer into practical tips they can apply to their daily life, with the ultimate outcome of enhancing their health and life quality.

Here are just a handful of positive attributes your workforce can benefit from with our corporate seminars, workshops or consulting services.
  • Reduced absenteeism
    Increased staff morale and team cohesion
  • Enhanced energy levels & performance at the workplace
    Maximised productivity through improved cognitive performance
  • Reduced costs associated with poor health and staff turnover rates
    Support for staff members who are undergoing pre or post-operative surgery to optimise recovery

What our clients say

Sam is always on hand to provide support, keep me on track with our online check-ins and provides really effective advice that gets results whilst working around my busy schedule

Dorothy Bougen

What our clients say

Sam brings a vast array of knowledge and experience within the nutrition and exercise sciences together with a friendly, professional and individually focused approach to his work

Damian Harper

What our clients say

Sam has been an invaluable support, helping me lose over a stone in 8 weeks so far. The whole experience is motivating and helps me to develop my own nutritional awareness, learning and understanding.

Chris Atherton

What our clients say

If you’re looking for a detailed scientific approach to performance & nutrition then Sam is your man. I was taken aback by how professional and thorough the service was

Daniel Baldwin

What our clients say

We both contacted Sam for support in improving our body composition and to make better food choices. We both now don’t have to go hungry whilst still losing weight! We’ve honestly never felt better

Bob & Karen Wilkinson

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