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Who we are

At Science2Heath, our vision is to support you to achieve amazing results, to develop new learning and a skill set for life. Through the application of Nutrition, Exercise Science and developing strong client-coach relationships, we can work together to quite literally change your life. Whether you wish to lose weight, live a healthier lifestyle or improve athletic performance, Science2Health combines cutting edge practice and outstanding education with world leading 1:1 bespoke support.

1:1 Personal Support

We regularly keep in touch throughout your journey with us. Whenever you need our support, we’re there.

Evidence Based Advice

All of our advice and support is informed by sound, ethical sources of peer reviewed scientific research that helps us to provide not only trustworthy advice, but the most effective, too.

Behaviour Change

Our expertise, world leading coaching/education and support combined with your motivation will inspire behaviour change and habit formation to achieve the goals you’ve always wanted.

Expert Professionals

Nutrition & Exercise Scientist Sam Mckenzie will be your coach, mentor, source of support and guidance to make the dream a reality.


We educate you to truly understand the ‘why’ behind what we do, not simply to just provide you with a plan to follow. This will help you develop a skill set and learning for life.


A coaching and support system that continually helps to keep you accountable, monitor and stay on track to achieve your goals.

What we do

Simply, Science2Health specialises in providing the highest quality evidence based advice and support on Nutrition, Exercise and Performance. We’ll help you maximise your potential, support you to achieve life changing results and not just a temporary quick fix.

Media Content

Through social media and Science2HealthTV, Sam and his guests provide endless amounts of content to help educate viewers and listeners with world leading evidence based Nutrition, Exercise and Performance advice.

Personal 1:1 Coaching

Our bespoke 1:1 coaching programme allows you to become a regular client where you’ll receive the highest level of bespoke support, regular contact, advice and structure to meet the goals you’ve always wanted.

Workshops & Seminars

Science2Health deliver interactive seminars and health events where staff are instantly inspired, motivated and take away learning that they can immediately apply to their daily lives. Benefitting the workplace wellness.

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