How are we different?

The world of Sport Nutrition can sometimes feel like a daunting and confusing area. This shouldn’t be the case. At Science2Health, we distill the overload of confusing advice and unleash the power of cutting edge evidence based scientific research, combined with our experience and practically apply it to maximise our athletes potential to gain an edge over their competition.

Our approach

This is achieved through the provision of outstanding 1:1 support, education and clear practical advice. This empowers our athletes to optimise practice through meal planning, hydration, monitoring nutrient intake/timing and supplementation strategies. This will create a foundation to maximise athletic health, performance and support our athletes to fulfill their potential.

We do this by supporting athletes with:
  • Optimal Health
    Making Weight for Competition
  • Ideal Body Composition whilst Maintaining Performance
    Enhanced Training Adaptation
  • Maximising Power-to-Weight Ratio
    Gaining Strength
  • Enhanced Recovery
    Boost Immunity
  • Reduced Injury Risk
    Increased Muscle Mass

Our experience

Over the years, Sam Mckenzie has worked with a wide range of professional elite and recreational athletes from world champions at individual level to top flight league winning teams. Sam has provided services from one off support/advice sessions and dietary analysis, all the way up to providing nutritional programming and regular 1:1 support to athletes all year round. 

Currently, Sam works with a wide range of elite and recreational athletes around the world either in person, online and at clients clubs and facilities. Our athletes are able to wholeheartedly trust our brand in that everything we do, our belief and our passion is mutually aligned with strict adherence to anti-doping legislation. Every single piece of advice we provide to help athletes reach their goals is done so with consideration to effective and safe practice at the forefront of our mind at all times.

You may also be interested in our interactive seminar or workshop for sports clubs and/or teams? Please contact us to find out more.

What our clients say

Sam brings a vast array of knowledge and experience within the nutrition and exercise sciences together with a friendly, professional and individually focused approach to his work

Damian Harper

What our clients say

If you’re looking for a detailed scientific approach to performance & nutrition then Sam is your man. I was taken aback by how professional and thorough the service was

Daniel Baldwin

What our clients say

I knew this level of science support existed but had never seen it first hand. Something like this could be the difference to help you achieve your health and performance goals

Grant Ormerod

What our clients say

Sam’s in depth knowledge of Exercise Science allowed me to learn new things which have helped me further my boxing career. I would highly recommend him to anyone

Jack Catterall

What our clients say

I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who is looking to find out more about their health. The opportunity to work 1 to 1 and receive specific advice is superb

Jake Shorrocks

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