Why choose us

Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle constitute a crucial component of optimal health. At Science2Health, we passionately support our clients to effectively manage and optimise their health through the provision of outstanding 1:1 Nutrition Support, Coaching and Evidence Based Practice that translates to the very best advice our clients can practically implement into their lives.

Our Nutritionists & Exercise Scientists can support you to maximise your health, manage a wide range of symptoms and conditions as well as lower the risk of a wide range of illnesses and disease. We ultimately work together to empower you to be the best you can possibly be.

Who do we help

We’re under no illusion that we can provide significant benefit to every issue or medical condition. Nor do we practice any aspect of clinical nutrition that isn’t substantiated by evidence based science. However, we do have outstanding knowledge and practical experience in effectively supporting individuals to achieve the following life changing benefits:

  • Increased Life Expectancy

    Live healthier, longer lives

    Increased Immunity

    Maximise immune function

  • Weight Maintenance

    Significantly enhance life quality through exercise and nutrition prescription

    Improved Blood Pressure

    Manage their blood pressure & Improve blood lipid profiles

  • Controlled Obesity and Heart Disease Risk

    Control their risk of a wide range of disease like Obesity and Heart Disease

    Optimal Exercise and Nutrition Support

    Significantly enhance life quality through exercise and nutrition prescription

  • Manage Type 2 Diabetes

    Improve & manage Type 2 Diabetes through exercise & nutrition coaching

    Optimal Injury and Recovery Strategy

    Optimally manage lifestyle around injury, recovery and pre/post operative surgery

How to start working with us

This is where our unique personalised approach comes to life. If you’re passionately interested in working with us and wish to secure your very own personalised coaching spot- then we really want to get to know you first! This allows us to provide the very best form of sincerely bespoke support and to build a strategy that will work around your life, allowing us to develop a great coach-client relationship whilst creating a foundation to achieve amazing results.

If you wish to apply for a 1:1 coaching spot with Science2Health, please use the 'Join today' link below where we require some details from you before we arrange contact to discuss your goals, how we can build a personalised strategy and begin a life changing journey to get you there.

What our clients say

Sam is always on hand to provide support, keep me on track with our online check-ins and provides really effective advice that gets results whilst working around my busy schedule

Dorothy Bougen

What our clients say

Sam has been an invaluable support, helping me lose over a stone in 8 weeks so far. The whole experience is motivating and helps me to develop my own nutritional awareness, learning and understanding.

Chris Atherton

What our clients say

We both contacted Sam for support in improving our body composition and to make better food choices. We both now don’t have to go hungry whilst still losing weight! We’ve honestly never felt better

Bob & Karen Wilkinson

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