Weight Loss Mythbusting

Weight Loss Mythbusting

Eat little and often to boost your metabolism and speed up weight loss. True or false?

We trust that many people will, at some point, have heard this one before.

Scenario: You're trying to lose weight and hear the following advice to:

"Eat little and often to boost your metabolism and speed up weight loss"

But Is this true? Let's take a look!

When we look at peer reviewed scientific research that uses sound methods of assessment, we see that when consumption of x6 meals per day is compared to x3 meals a day at the same calorie total, there's no difference to metabolism or weight loss! i.e. the group that ate x6 meals per day, didn't lose a greater amount of weight.

So, eating little and often does not speed up metabolism or promote greater weight loss!

What's the take home message here?

If eating little and often is your preference and works for you then great, keep doing it! However, if it isn't, what we're saying is that you don't HAVE to go to all the extra effort, potential decision fatigue and unnecessary stress of preparing lots of meals because you'll likely be no better off for doing so.

So, go with the option you can stick to, that allows you to meet your goals and above all, be healthy. What we hope to achieve with this message is that successful weight loss doesn't always mean creating more hard work and pressure for yourself than necessary!

Have a great day

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